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What would a version of The Killing, which plays in Berlin?


RoboCop (2014) ↳ 4,043 BluRay 1080p screencaps Gallery | Listing | Zip (630mb)


RoboCop (2014)
↳ 4,043 BluRay 1080p screencaps Gallery | Listing | Zip (630mb)


Frank (Joel Kinnaman) and Marie (Ruth Vega Fernandez) in Johan Falk: Kodnamm Lisa, Sweden 2012


Linden pulling a gun on Holder in Eden.


I just want to gaze into his eyes and never look away… 


Not sure if this is an oldie but damn I’d buy that suit from Holder! The tie would make Dr Lecter jealous !!


We are beyond excited to announce that the Swedish actor Joel Kinnaman will receive the Eliason Merit Award 2014 !! 

The red carpet event will take place at the unique and beautiful Victorian in Santa Monica, during the American Film Market, on November 7th 2014. 

The award ceremony will feature top performances including a celebrity-packed after party in Joel Kinnaman’s honor. More details regarding the evening and the entertainment will be announced soon so stay tuned.

When: Friday, November 7, 2014
Where: The Victorian, 2640 Main Street, CA 90405, Santa Monica


Holder prepares sushi…


"No one’s gotta know what we did."

Photo by Niklaus Palmklint


B/W Photo Challenge day 2/5. Portrait of Joel Kinnaman. #photochallenge #joelkinnaman #hollywood #johanfalk #frankwagner #robocop #niklaspalmklint @joelkinnaman #child44 #runallnight #knightofcups @stefandahlqvist


Holder showing his emotional side!!


"In the spirit of furthering Swedish-American relations, SACC-LA presents the Eliason Merit Awards to individuals who have contributed significantly toward strengthening relations between the United States and Sweden in the areas of commerce, culture, science and the arts.

The awards has been named in honor of the late Sven A. Eliason, who through his great contributions to many Swedish- American causes exemplified the requirements for this awards.

Bengt S. Olin, the founder of the Swedish- American Chamber of Commerce of Los Angeles (SACC-LA), initiated the Eliason Merit Award in 1988.”