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This tumblr is dedicated to Joel Kinnaman.

The Dome is a very casual fan forum that has been following Joel, the Skarsgårds, and many others of our favorite Scandinavian actors for a long time.

The Dome has followed and posted on Joel for years, and prior to his arrival in the USA. Most other Kinnaman fan forums use us as their resource. We are also usually the first to post Joel news, on twitter.

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Cap. America XD


sexual orientation: joel kinnaman’s voice


Me? You’re the crazy one. You’re the one that can’t keep their shit together.
Steve Holder, THE KILLING (via sirhkeiram)


Can we talk about Joel Kinnaman? The Killing? Anyone?

Holderisms [Part 5]


Alter Ego - Commercial for H&M by Jonas Åkerlund starring Joel Kinnaman


Cousin Skyler looking sly!


Holder (Joel Kinnaman) and Linden (Mireille Enos) in The Killing Season 4 - "Dream Baby Dream", USA 2014


thanks to the killing i now have an obsession with joel kinnaman. 

It’s you and me, Linden. We’re on the same side, remember?
-Are we?
It’s a girl?
- Congratulations, you two.


Had to have this one of HOLDER!!