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10 Swedes in the American TV series

This is a slide show from Sweden’s Moviezine.  https://www.moviezine.se/nyheter/10-svenskar-i-amerikanska-tv-serier


Alexander Skarsgård, Malin Akerman and Joel Kinnaman, we know. But there are more Swedes to find in American television series.

1 Alexander Skarsgård

The given name. Seven seasons of the recently concluded vampire soap “True Blood” has forever cemented his status as Sexy cut on fansites.  

2 Malin Akerman

A movie star in Hollywood long ago, but before that she made “The Comeback,” Lisa Kudrow cult mockumentary, which will soon make a comeback … with a second season. In addition, she fronted the now defunct sitcom “Trophy Wife” and has had roles in, among other things, “Childrens Hospital,” “Suburgatory” and “Entourage.”   

3 Joel Kinnaman

His strange accent in “The Killing” got Americans to scratch their heads while they took his seedy homicide detective Holder to their hearts. The fourth and final season premiered in Netflix, August 1, when the lord of the Holder and his colleague Linden (Mireille Enos) had a dignified end. 

4 Katia Winter

A blonde Katia played stripper Nadia, as the investigator Quinn (Desmond Harrington) fell hard for the seventh season of “Dexter.” A dark-haired Katia now has a supporting role in the supernatural drama “Sleepy Hollow,” which soon will premiere its second season. She does where the wife of the main character Ichabod Crane (Tom Mison).  

 5 Gustaf Skarsgård

History Channel’s brutal action-drama “Vikings” has made the second-eldest brother Skarsgård-known “over there”.The series, which is currently playing in his third season, making Gustaf role Floki, a shipbuilder, a warrior and a generally odd bird, as the main character Ragnar (Travis Fimmel) rely a hundred percent on.

6 Bill Skarsgård

Son number four in the Skarsgård clan has spent two seasons playing bloodsucker Roman Godfrey in Netflix series “Hemlock Grove,” which divided audiences and critics into two camps. Those who love the quirky horror drama and those who hate it with every fiber in his body. No mention yet of “Hemlock Grove” gets a third season. 

7 Peter Stormare

Most memorable is his role as the imprisoned Chicago mobster John Abruzzi during several seasons of “Prison Break”, but through the years has Stormare made ​​numerous appearances here and there in the TV world, in everything from “The Black List”, “Longmire” , “entourage”, “Weeds”, “NCIS-Los Angeles,” “CSI” and “Psych.” To name a few. Now he is going to appear in the next season of “Arrow” as the villain Count Vertigo, something MovieZine written about .

8 Michael Nyqvist

It was not a success for Nyqvist’s first and only all-American TV series, the conspiracy thriller “Zero Hour”.  ABC took it out of schedule after only three episodes and blamed poor ratings. The remaining ten sections, however, were shown later, but then the series was already abandoned. At the moment the current Nyqvist in the lead role for the Swedish-American big bet "Code 100" . Premiere in Channel 5 next year.

9 Fares Fares

In the recently concluded first season of FX’s Middle East drama “Tyrant” had Fares Fares a key role as a  freedom fighting journalist who is also the  protagonist Bassam “Barry” Al-Fayeeds (Adam Rayner) childhood friend in a hittepå country led by a despot (Barry’s brother).

10 Alexander Karim

In the same series, “Tyrant”, also starred Alexander Karim, who is Ihab Rashid, the resistance’s leader, whose dream is to overthrow Al-Fayeed-family from power. There is still nothing said about a possible second season, but when the first one ended very open, so well there reason to believe that such a season can be ordered. 


Honorable Mentions:   Stellan Skarsgard for his appearances as German director Verner Vollstedt in “Entourage.”Matias Varela and David Dencik who both had small but significant roles in the third and final season of Neil Jordan voluptuous historical drama “The Borgias.”


Bonus: A Swedish star in the United Kingdom: 

MyAnna Buring, who had important roles in the series “Downton Abbey” and “Ripper Street”. She will soon be seen in Jimmy McGovern (“Cracker”, “Priest”) new large series of “Banished”. She can also boast of having been involved in the last two “Twilight” films; ”Breaking Dawn 1 & 2”.   


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Today in Stockholm Holder gives Kim K some competition in the selfie dept.!

@rebeckalennse From Instagram


The Killing season 4 cast


With all the selfie help he has been getting you’d expect a few from Holder!

@Bruerland From Instagram

This was posted 10 min ago on Instagram and the poster lists Stockholm as her home base. So despite the hat I’m guessing that’s where Holder is hiding!!

Looks like Joel is helping Cleo this weekend at the Stockholm Inkbash.

http://instagram.com/p/sVMkTZA_dB/ http://instagram.com/p/sUF2tjPeIf/


A big weekend coming up for Cleo Wattenstrom. Tattoo festival in Stockholm.

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